Hellen Belmont


Administrative Manager


Ms. Hellen Belmont

Diploma in Business Studies!

Ms. Hellen Belmont holds a Diploma in Business Studies, a Diploma in Office Management, a Certificate in General Management, a Certificate in Personnel Management and has been with the Ministry of Education since 1999. She is currently the Administrative Manager at SBSA.

Ms. Belmont has a pleasant personality and is a very hard working and helpful person. She is a great initiator of teamwork and performs her duties in an exemplary manner. She is always willing to put in extra hours if required and her interpersonal skills has allowed her to develop productive working relationships with both staff and students. She has a strong sense of commitment to her work and handles things in a calm and efficient manner. She is very loyal and can be relied upon to get things done with minimum supervision. She is a much valued asset at the Seychelles Business Studies Academy and is in general humanistic and cares for others.

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